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Finally! The Speeds that you are wishing for are Here!

Gigabit1 - Ultra Fast Internet  for Commercial Buildings

Gigabit1 is a new service provided by Aeronet Broadband designed to bring the fastest Internet speeds with awesome customer support to residential and commercial  buildings.  By utilizing the latest technology in Fiber Optics and Point to Point Microwave we are able to provide an Ultra Fast  connection to the Internet and cost effectively deliver it to your building! 

  • - Ultra Fast Internet, Speeds Up to 1000 Mbps!

  • - No Price Hikes, No Taxes, No Hidden Fees

  • - Support for Business Specific Needs

  • - Great for VPN, VoIP, Video Conferencing

  • - Local Company, Local Support

  • - Professional Installation

  • - Easy Signup & Easy Setup

We Are Local

Support your local business by supporting US!   We are 100%
locally owned and based.

Ultra Fast

Our Ultra-Fast Internet provides speeds similar or faster than fiber based providers. We take your business to the next level!


Our service is delivered by an industry standard Gigabit Ethernet connection, compatible with most Routers and Firewalls in the market.


Our service is backed-up by our outstanding Engineering and Support Team and by our Enterprise Class Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Our Network design allow us to provide scalable and flexible bandwidth to our business customers.  Upgrades are immediate!


We support advanced configuration for your business; BGP, Multi-Homing, L2VPN, L3VPN, Failover and Load balancing, among many!


  • 25 Mbps Download Speed

  •   5 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Great for Browsing & Email!

  • Optimal for 1 or 2 Users

Monthly Rate:



  • 50 Mbps Download Speed

  •  10 Mbps  Upload Speed

  • Best for Business Needs

  • Optimal for 2 to 4 Users

Monthly Rate:



  • 100 Mbps Download Speed

  • 25 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Great for Cloud Software

  • Optimal for 4 to 10 Users

Monthly Rate:



  • 250 Mbps Download Speed

  • 50 Mbps Upload Speed

  • Awesome for Everything! 

  • Optimal for 10+ Users

Monthly Rate:


All Services Require a Term Agreement and Professional Installation Fee of: 
1 Year Term $125 + Tax  /   2 Year Term $75 + Tax  /  3 Year Free of Charge

Looking for Advanced IP Services? Our Business Service Portfolio also Includes:

- Dedicated, Symmetric Internet Access
- Multipoint VPN
- Layer 2 & Layer 3 MPLS Transport Services
- Carrier Ethernet

Gigabit1 service is available in these buildings:

Do You Want Your Building to be Part of Gigabit1?

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