Some Frequently Asked Questions about Gigabit1

1. How do I get Gigabit1 in my business or residential building?
- Please contact us for more information on our exclusive business and residential buildings or visit the residential or business tab in this website to see if your building is already    installed or soon to be.

2. Will it cost anything to bring Gigabit1 to my building?
- There’s no cost for you! Gigabit1 will cover all costs in order to connect your property or building to our ultra-fast network.

3. Are Gigabit1 services plans unlimited?
- All Gigabit1 Internet services are unlimited, we don’t have any caps or limited data.

4. How easy will the installation be?
- Once the infrastructure is completed, it’s just a matter of dropping a Ethernet cable from our main equipment to your apartment or office.

5. Do I need a Modem?
- No.   To connect to our Internet services you simply plug your computer to the Ethernet cable that is in your apartment or office.

6. Is the main connection to Gigabit1 network via fiber or microwave antenna?
- Our first choice is fiber;  second choice is microwave. Our engineers will conduct a site survey to determine which one will be the best option to connect your property with our services.

7. Who is responsible for the equipment installed in building?
- Gigabit1 is solely responsible for the infrastructure installed.  All equipment is covered by an insurance policy.

8. Is the microwave antenna equipment safe?
- Our microwave antennas operate under strict parameters of the FCC and radiate a similar signal power as a wireless phone.

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